More About
Cherry Hill Eco Village

Since 2018, a small group of like-minded people has been gathering regularly to create a Model ultimately of how the Community, when working together, benefit all involved.

Vision Created: A world in which everyone can choose to live in a healthy, thriving, ecologically sustainable settlement, fuelled by a practice of gratitude.

Mission Statement: The mission of our community is to create a harmonious living environment that is economically sustainable, environmentally respectful, and nurturing one's spirit. While respecting personal privacy we foster cooperation and human connection allowing members to flourish and feel a sense of belonging and purpose.
If you believe in our vision as much as we do, and you want to help in growing it, donations are always welcome. 
All donations will be fully used in making this dream a tangible reality. 
Here are a few examples of projects the next donations are going to be used on:
  • Building a cob oven
  • Building an outdoor kitchen
  • Building a shed for storage
  • Building a compostable toilet
  • Buying a greenhouse
Any donation, big or small, fills up our hearts with overflowing gratitude. Every dollar brings a foundational stone to our soon-to-be blooming community.
(We mean it, we greatly encourage you to give a single dollar as a token of your faith in our project.)

Lots of love,
The Cherry Hill Eco Village family 
Cherry Hill Eco Village Co op